Breaking Cadence (Survival, #1) - Rebecca Clare Smith
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I find it completely unfair to rate my own books, but I would love to say thank you to those that have read [b:Breaking Cadence|21797176|Breaking Cadence (Survival, #1)|Rebecca Clare Smith||41051668] and to those that intend to - especially if you've left a review to let me know what you thought.

I hope that those who have enjoyed my work will be entertained by my further pieces such as [b:Desecrated Bonds|18469141|Desecrated Bonds|Rebecca Clare Smith||26131042] and [b:Preying On Time|20550026|Preying On Time (Indigo Skies, #1)|Rebecca Clare Smith||36986448].


[a:Rebecca Clare Smith|7260009|Rebecca Clare Smith|]